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Claire Gates

Certax Accounting Windsor

Having always wanted to work for myself and with a background in Management and Management Consultancy, I decided, after attending a Franchise Exhibition and hearing about Certax Accounting to utilise my degrees in Mathematics (MA), Numerical Analysis and Mathematical Modelling (MSc) and discover more about Certax Accounting.

After attending a presentation day at their Head Office in Chesterfield and meeting the team, I knew this was the Franchise I wanted to become part of.

At the time of joining I had a young child and was looking for something that would allow me to carry on working, but also allowing some flexibility to spend time with my daughter.  Certax ticked all the right boxes.  I attended the extensive training course at Head Office and with the help and support provided was able to grow and expand my practice to what I have today!!  I love working from home and having the support team just a phone call away and with the six monthly Seminars, Certax are always keeping us up to date with the latest legislation, which is vital to my practice.


Chris Gardiner, Jayne and Dave Gardiner

Certax Accounting Wirral

We joined Certax in 2010 and are pleased to say we have never looked back!  Having worked in the accountancy field for several years, setting up my own practice had always been my aspiration, although a daunting prospect, when preparing to take the first steps of 'doing it on your own'.

We reviewed other Franchises, however, Certax soon stood out for us, delivering exactly what we were looking for, a friendly team offering support and guidance, alongside a professional brand. Since joining, the first class support offered by Certax Head Office, as well as the great results of the marketing department, have meant we have never felt alone, with the Helpline only a phone call away.

Our hard work building our practice up in the first year didn't go unnoticed by Head Office we were awarded 'Best Performing New Certax Franchisee 2011', which we were delighted to receive.

We would recommend anyone to join Certax who shares the same values for the highest quality service as we do.


Sharon Neal

Certax Accounting Wakefield

Having worked in industry for a number of years, a burning ambition to run my own practice had long been a desire. Having now been a Certax Accounting Franchisee for over thirteen years, my results during this time have exceeded all expectations in terms of turnover, client numbers and profitability. Although the training course is very comprehensive I could not have achieved these results without the Certax Technical Support line. Because of this I was able to deal with virtually any kind of business client, small, large, limited company or non-limited company and all their corresponding tax issues and at the end of the day build a profitable practice for myself.

I am now operating two offices, one in Manor Road, Ossett and the new office in Outwood, Wakefield. The new office is situated in a highly visible location and has seen many prospective clients 'walk in' looking for an accountant. I have a great team of people working for me, which allows me to focus on the growth of the business. Having good staff is critical to any business. It is also important to have sufficient staff to give good service to existing clients while offering some capacity for new clients.

I really enjoy meeting with clients and small businesses need all the help they can get, especially when times are hard. With our friendly approach, accessible offices and our cost effective and professional service we look forward to working with our clients in helping them run their business.

Being a Certax Accounting franchisee basically offers the chance to run your own business but with the reassurance of advice and back-up from head office.


Olusegun Kazim

Certax Accounting Basingstoke

Before joining the Certax network in July 2012, I had trained as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Internal auditor, working in industry for large companies. Having wanted to start and run my own business, I began to consider various options.

Following my careful due diligence over a 12-month period and from reviewing what the competition had to offer, I decided to join Certax Accounting due to its excellent brand and IP which the company makes available to franchisees at a reasonable fee.

Since joining, my business has grown from strength to strength.  My client base has increased significantly and they are well assured of a quality service delivered in a friendly and professional manner. Following my initial training, the level of support provided has been exceptional and I am very pleased that I made the right choice.

The current focus of my practice is on helping small and medium sized businesses with matters relating to tax advice, accountancy and business growth. The positive feedback, received from clients has been pleasing, and I very much look forward to expanding the business over the forthcoming years.


Mark Novak

Certax Accounting Enfield

Before joining the Certax network I had over 12 years' experience in Accountancy and Banking. I decided I wanted to work for myself and become my own boss, however, lacked the confidence to set up alone and without backing. In 2005, after extensive research on the best way forward I decided to take the plunge with the Certax Accounting Franchise and set up my own practice.

The main reasons for choosing Certax Accounting, was for the support in areas I had less experience, for instance; the Sales and Marketing of developing a business. Certax were a great help in this area, in particular the telemarketing team were second to none and got my business off to an incredible start, I can honestly say that without their help I would not be where I am today.

My practice has succeeded beyond all expectations, obviously there have been challenges along the way, but with the help and support of the Certax Accounting network, I have managed to overcome these and build a very successful business.


Vincenzo Rubino

Certax Accounting Falmouth

With accountancy experience and a burning ambition to be my own boss and operate a business that fitted in with my lifestyle, the decision to invest in accountancy and taxation franchise Certax Accountants was relatively easy.

The Certax opportunity caught my eye in The Franchise Magazine, offering a comprehensive marketing programme that would help me to communicate effectively the wealth of expertise and high standards that Certax Accountants can offer to their clients. After further online research, I visited Head Office and was impressed with the company's professionalism and took it from there. As part of the franchise package Certax put me through a five-week training programme, which I have found very useful, acting as a refresher course on limited companies and filled the gaps in my tax and accounts knowledge for partnership and sole trader businesses. On-going training is also available at the bi-annual seminars. At these events topics discussed include the new tax legislation.

In terms of support, Certax has helped target clients, initiating introductions on my behalf. The Head Office team are always on the other end of the phone if technical help is required.


Richard Hexton

Certax Accounting Suffolk

I wanted a change of pace and so moved from London to Suffolk, where I considered retiring. However, I soon found myself wanting a new challenge. Franchising came to mind and, because my business background lay in finance, I wanted to find something in this industry. Through having a look at what opportunities were out there I found Certax Accounting and liked what they were offering. I had an interview with Certax's founder Keith Bradshaw and the business appealed further - I liked the people, I liked the work, I liked the franchise package. I found the five-week training course very helpful. It let you get to grips with the business and was accommodating to the extent that someone without much finance experience could pick it up too. When I launched the business Certax helped find my initial customers and through advertising and marketing I've continued to grow the business. One thing that surprised me was the amount of business that I've generated through customer referrals alone.

A Certax franchise has the potential to be developed to a size that you want - be that a one-man band or a multi-unit business with a number of employees. The work is enjoyable and success is achievable if you're prepared to put the work in.


Ewart Holloway

Certax Accounting Marlow

Customers can be demanding, in as much as they expect me to answer the phone or respond to emails promptly, remember exactly who they are and what they do and give them clear, concise advice on whatever problem they have at the time. I am equally demanding in my business dealings and in my relationship with Certax, I have not been disappointed.

I must single out the telesales and technical helpline teams for their high quality, consistent support over many years. Although I am not professionally qualified, I now operate two geographic franchises with a large and extremely varied client base. After the initial Certax training course I was competent to take on most everyday accountancy tasks, and, over time, with the support of the helpline team, have successfully undertaken quite complex tax and accounting assignments.

With the Certax team behind me I am confident in advising my clients every bit as well as the larger high street firms, whilst maintaining the personal touch.

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