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1. Introduction

2. The History of Certax Accounting

3. Organisational Network / Key Personnel

4. Territory

5. Marketing

6. Taxation

7. Miscellaneous

8. Technical Support

9. Accountancy

10. Practice Development and Mentoring System

11. Instructional Manuals

12. Training Program

13. Finances / Cash Flow Projections

14. Franchise Agreement

15. Management Service Fee - What is it for !

16. Raising Finance

17. Making the Decision

18. Questionnaire

19. Testimonials

20. Bank Contacts

21. Bradshaw Doody, Chartered Certified Accountants

Certax Prospectus

1. Introduction Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
Keith Bradshaw, ACA, FCCA is a Chartered Accountant, Founder and Consultant in Bradshaw Doody and Co., Chartered Certified Accountants and founder of Certax Accounting Ltd.
The Franchise was started in September 1999 and ran its first training course in January 2000. Since this date over 100 Franchisees have joined our Organisation and are enjoying the benefits of belonging to a professional Accountancy Franchise.
The objectives of the Franchise can be summarised as follows:
To Train Individuals in all the basic disciplines required to operate their own Accountancy Practice
The Training staff are all either qualified or experienced Accountants with many years involvement in Practising Accountancy. 3 days 4 weeks 3 days
To technically Support each Franchisee during the period of their contract in all aspects of operating their own Accountancy Practice

A telemarketing team specifically dedicated to obtaining a number of appointments with businesses interested in using your services - see specifice marketing plans.

2. The History of Certax Accounting

Since running its first Training course in January 2000 Certax Accounting has now trained and supported over 100 Franchisees. A sample of our members and their thoughts since joining the organisation can be found in the Testimonials section of this Prospectus.

Certax Accounting has been awarded FULL MEMBERSHIP STATUS of the British Franchise Association complying with all the exacting requirements necessary to achieve this.

The Organisation operates from professional commercial offices in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, which accommodates 16 members of staff in addition to the four Directors.

3. Certax Accounting Key Members of the Organisation

Keith Bradshaw, ACA, FCCA. Is a Qualified Chartered Accountant and set up his own practice in 1989 which now attends to over 500 clients. He founded Certax Accounting in September 1999 which now supports over 100 Franchisees.

James Doody, ACA, ACCA. Qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant in 2001 and has a vast experience in running his own portfolio of clients with a major practice of Chartered Accountants over the last nine years. James joined Certax Accounting in 2002 and has added a wealth of experience in help line support, Training and Franchisee Practice Development.

JON NEWTON, ACA. jon Newton is an experienced Chartered Accountant whose specialism is “Practice Development”

GEOFF NOBLE, CTA. Geoff Noble heads the organisations technical department and as a qualified Chartered Tax Advisor is responsible for issuing guidance to members on all technical matters.

KEN GLENDINNING, ACMA Ken is a qualified Chartered Management Accountant and combines his success as a Franchisee with his contribution to the running of the Franchise.

SHARON NEAL, AFA Sharon is a successful accounting practitioner in her own right and lends her experience and knowledge to new and established Franchisees on a regular basis.

TECHNICAL SUPPORT Our technical support team are all professionally qualified and experienced in an accounting practice environment.



AMY EVANS – Franchise Liaison Manager
JAYNE WRIGHT – Franchise Manager
CARLA SMITH – Accounts Assistant
MARGARET BRADSHAW - Franchise Coordinator



4. Territory Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
We will ensure that the exclusive territory allocated to yourself will be an area adequate to ensure your practice can grow to a size equal to many medium sized established Accountancy Practices in your area.
The area will contain approximately 125,000 population and a corresponding business count of approximately 3500, which we know to be sufficient to build a successful practice.

We now have countless examples of Franchisee Practices receiving substantial turnovers, in areas of the size detailed above.
5. Marketing Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
The objective of most marketing exercises is to attract new clients in order to sell ones services or goods. Our objectives are no different to this but our techniques are very different from those used by most traditional accountancy practices. It is fair to say that many of our franchisees who have no sales background are apprehensive about this aspect of a business.
With our lead generation department, however, this apprehension need no longer be an issue. As a Franchisee will only join this part of the process when a prospect has been identified and indicated a wish on their part to see the Franchisee. In other words you need play no part in the initial contact, leave this to us.
Our lead generation department is dedicated to the cause of attracting new business clients to your practice. We will initially contact prospective business clients in your area and will arrange a number of appointments on your behalf. This will enable you to establish a substantial initial client base. There are very many dissatisfied clients in today's business world and until they are given a viable alternative to their current Accountant they will often remain dissatisfied. Our marketing system, involves an inbound (warm leads) internet marketing system involving your own landing page, twitter, Linked-in, social media pages and Google AdWords campaign, as well as the involvement of our call centre team giving your local business community this alternative in a professional and effective way. Appointments arranged, therefore, are with prospective clients with good reason to use your services which is why most Franchisees will convert between 50/75% of prospects into CLIENTS. 15 appointments - as part of the package 20 appointments - as part of the package 20 appointments - as part of the package
In addition to the lead generation activity we will also research a number of networking organisations in your area and arrange your membership of these if requested.
This along with advice on your practice being part of the Google search engine makes the entire Certax marketing package a most powerful and effective tool.
Most practices of our existing Franchisees have grown for two reasons:
Lots of Accountancy and Tax work needed by today's business community
Many dissatisfied clients with the services being supplied by their current Accountant
You would also be able to offer your client the benefit of their Certax Accountant being a member of a national organisation giving access to professionally qualified Accountants, Tax Advisors and a whole range of other professional specialists should they be needed.
The following quotes are very typical from many clients of established Practices:
"I see a different accounts clerk every year, there is no personal service any longer"
"My Accountant has had my books and records for several months now and I've heard nothing from him"
"The fees paid to my Accountant this year are extortionate"
"My Accountant no longer seems to be interested in saving me tax any more"
These are only some of the reasons why clients today are dissatisfied with their current accountant and identify the many areas which, with our franchise, you could improve upon and build your client base with a better service than they are currently receiving.
Our Practice, Marketing advisor, Sharon Neal is an experienced Accounting Practitioner. Sharon will be passing on this experience as part of the training course which will also include Networking tips and "role play" techniques to assist with client meetings.
You will need to be able to calculate fee levels in order to give clients an estimate of your costs. The Training course will include a full session on time management and fee level calculation.
At the outset you will receive Personalised Letterheads, Brochures, Compliment slips and Business cards – all branded with the Certax Accounting Logo. You will also receive topical Branded Newsletters periodically throughout the year, along with Branded Tax Fact booklets following each Budget.

6. Taxation Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
There are two main technical subjects within the Franchise, Accountancy and Taxation. You will be supplied with a Tax Software Package called TaxCalc Manager which has been approved by the Inland Revenue. It is not available through high street shops as it is written specifically for professional use only. You will be given a detailed demonstration of the workings of this package at one of our presentation days held regularly throughout the year. X
The Tax Software will link electronically to the Accounting Software so that Profit and Loss and
Balance Sheet figures can be transferred at the click of a button and a tax calculation schedule
produced instantly.
Model tax Return/planning files are included plus instructions on how to use the software are included in the tax manuals.

Course books and study packs will be given out upon the commencement of the Initial Training Course.

Technical Support
Members of our staff comprising of Qualified and experienced Accountants will be on hand to assist with any tax related query either via telephone, e-mail or fax five days per week from 9am to 5pm

Overleaf is a break down of the various topics covered within 5 tax modules which will ensure you have an understanding of the fundamental aspects of all the major taxes within UK tax legislation.

Live Cases
Because we are the only Accounting Franchise in the country which is supported by our own Chartered Certified Accountancy Practice, we are able to provide "Live Case" practice for our members as part of the Initial Training course.

Optional Extra
Taxation Lectures
TAX 1 - Introduction to tax system 

Schedular System
Savings income/ Dividend income - Tax implications
Basic personal tax computations
Badges of trade
Employment / Self Employment / IR35
Taxable profit Computation
TAX 2 - Basis Periods - Commencement / Cessation's

Choice of year ends re own Accounts
National Insurance Regime
Partnership Taxation
TAX 3 - Sch E emoluments

Benefits in kind
Authorised mileage rates
PAYE calculations
Termination payments
The PAYE System
Capital Allowances
Tax Planning examples
TAX 4 - The Corporation Tax

Conversion to Limited Status from Sole Trader
Dividend policy
TAX 5 - Capital Gains Tax

Inheritance Tax
7. Miscellaneous Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
Office Accommodation
You will need to decide between the following options;
Working from home
Serviced offices
Commercial property
Computer Equipment
You will be supplied with a laptop computer. You will need to supply a laser or Deskjet printer. Optional Extra

Optional Extra
Your business telephone line will need to cater for your business telephone, fax, e-mail and internet connection.

At the outset you will receive Personalised Letterheads, Brochures, Compliment slips and Business cards – all branded with the Certax Accounting Logo.

Professional Indemnity Insurance
We will assist you with completion of application forms for the above insurance and also ensure this is in place prior to your practice commencing.

Accountancy , Tax and Book-keeping Software
We will supply you with all the  appropriate accountancy, book-keeping  and tax software you will need in order to operate your practice in the most expedient and professional manner. VT Bookkeeping and Payroll Accountancy and Taxation Accountancy and Taxation
Telephone Answering Service
We can arrange a telephone answering service with discounted costs arranged with the providers

You will have a presence on our Franchisee Website, enabling a potential client to view your details at the click of a button.

8. Technical Support Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
You will have access to our Technical Support Team 5 days a week from 9am- 5pm daily.

This is a crucial part of the Franchise operation especially during the initial months after the practice commences.
Our team of qualified and experienced accountants will be available to receive your queries either by fax, telephone or e-mail.
You can be assured, therefore, that you are never alone during the time of your membership with our organisation.

9. Accountancy and Book-keeping

Types of Accountancy Work

Full In-House Accountant/ Book-keeping

Where a client wishes you to effectively be their in-house-Accountant, you will request all the source documents, e.g. bank statement, cash book, invoices, VAT records etc and enter this information into our book-keeping software on a monthly or quarterly basis.

The system will then produce balanced books and records, aged debtor and creditor listings, VAT reports, trial balances and monthly accounts.

Annual Accounts

As an alternative to this, the client may attempt to keep their own books and records and ask you to prepare annual accounts and tax planning work using this information.

Our accounting software will deal with either of the above scenarios or indeed any combination of Accounting, Tax and VAT requirements.

At our presentation day we will demonstrate the working of this software, showing how this will produce all the accounting records, VAT reports and final accounts needed to run an efficient and professional practice.

Our training course will illustrate exactly how to use the software and once you are in the real world, you will have unrestricted access to our technical help line with any queries you may encounter.

10. Practice Development Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package

A practice review panel is in place which will produce statistical information on a regular basis to help franchisees assess their practice as a comparison to other Franchisees as well as against their own initial annual expectations. Advice and recommendations will be given to ensure your practice develops at the pace that suits each Franchisee.
This will enable us to assist you in such decisions, as, whether to operate from office premises, the location of these premises, staffing levels and rates of pay etc.

We are committed to ensuring that our Franchisees are constantly technically updated and, as such, undertake to arrange two seminars per year, lasting two days for each meeting.
We will ensure that speakers of the highest quality are invited to speak on topical subjects relevant to the running of your practice.
11. Manuals Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
You will receive the following manuals:

This will include:
Step-by-step process for using the accounts software
Step-by-step process for reviewing accounts
Journals checklist
Model client accounts file for soletrader and limited company

Step-by-step process for using the tax software
Model client taxation file for:
Limited companies

Step by step Process for using  the VT Book-keeping package
Standard Letters

Professionally worded letters divided into the following categories:
Non-limited Company entities
Limited Company entities
Company Secretarial

Introductory mail shot letters
Marketing Plan
Suggested fee levels
Selling theory in relation to Accountancy
Proven selling guide for Accountancy Practices

12. Training


3 Day Book-keeping course

  Jon Newton ACA
  Andrew Herring ACCA, AAT


Week 1
Certax Head Office

Monday am

Double Entry Book-keeping / Income Statements

Monday pm

VAT, MTD & VT Software


Tuesday am

Payroll, Auto Enrolement

Tuesday pm

Sales & Marketing, Legal & Ethical, GDPR etc


Wednesday am

Management Accunts & Financial Accounts case study

Wednesday  pm

SA100 & Tax Returns


Full Accountants Package Course


CerTax Head Office


Home Study


CerTax Head Office

Monday am Manual book keeping and final Accounts preparation Superior Signs VT case study  (AC09) Corporation Tax Self Assessment Case Study 5 & 6  (SA06)
Monday pm Taxation Module 1 (TA01)                          Superior Signs VT case study(AC10) Corporation Tax & Partnership case study Self Assessment Case Study 7 & 8  (SA07)
Tuesday am Manual book keeping and final Accounts preparation Superior Signs VT case study  (AC11) Sales & Marketing Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 3  (AC17)
Tuesday  pm Taxation module 2 (TA 02) Superior Signs VT case study  (AC12) Sales & Marketing Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 3  (AC18)
Wednesday  am Computerised Tax Returns  Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 1  (AC13) Limited Company Minutes & resolutions including role play Self Assessment Case Study 9 & 10  (SA08)
Wednesday  pm VT bookeeping software and case study Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 1  (AC13) Practice management, Money Laundering Etc. Self Assessment Case Study 11 & 12  (SA09)
Thursday am Taxation module 3 Self Assessment Case Study 1 & 2  (SA04) Limited Company Case studies/legislation Marketing Research  (MA05)
Thursday pm Final Accounts Preparation - Sole Trader Case Study VT Tutorial (AC07)   Self Assessment Case Study 3 & 4  (SA05) Limited Company Case study/legislation Marketing Research  (MA05)
Friday am Taxation module 4 - manual tax returns  Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 2  (AC15) Standard letters/Practice Admin Review (REV01)
Friday pm Final Accounts Preparation - Sole Trader Case Study VT Tutorial (AC08)  Sole trader Accounts prep. Case Study 2  (AC15) Closure Review (REV01)
Keith Bradshaw, A.C.A, F.C.C.A Sharon Neal AFA
Jon Newton A.C.A Harry Caldicott, ACA, MA (Hons)

Qualified Accountants Package Course

  James Doody ACCA
  Keith Bradshaw ACA FCCA
  Jon Newton ACA


Week 1
Certax Head Office

Monday am

Practice Management including Time Management, Charge out rates, Money Laundering (FIN02)

Monday pm

Current Tax legislation update


Tuesday am

Overview of recomended Accountancy & Taxation software

Tuesday pm

Sales & Marketing / Standard Letters


Wednesday am

Current Tax legislation update

Wednesday  pm

Current Tax legislation update


Thursday    am


Thursday pm



Friday am


Friday pm



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13. Finances Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package
Franchisee Projected Profit and Loss Account ( Full Package and Qualified Accountant Package )
Home Based Practice Office Based Practice Office Based Practice
Early Stages Established
£ £ £
Sales 60,000 125,000 250,000
Rent, rates, light and heat - 4,000 17,750
Marketing costs 3,600 5,000 5,000
Wages - 36,000 87,000
Computer sundries 600 1,100 2,000
Repairs and renewals - 1,000 2,000
Postage and stationery 2,500 3,500 17,000
Motor expenses 1,200 2,500 9,000
Telephone 800 1,200 3,000
Management service fee 4,675 10,000 14,500
Sundries 750 1,200 5,000
Bank interest 480 480 -
Bank charges 360 360 1,500
______ ______ ______
Total costs 14,965 66,340 163,750
______ ______ ______
Net Profit 45,035 58,660 86,250
______ ______ ______
Estimated value of business belonging to franchisee 60,000 125,000 250,000
______ ______ ______
These figures are by way of illustration only and whilst no guarantee can be given that these will be attained, it is our opinion that they represent realistic and achievable results.
Generally, Accountancy Practices are valued at one times gross recurring fees (GRF), but the final value usually takes into account any client losses during the first year after takeover.
The length of time it will take to achieve the above results will vary and depend upon the aspirations of each individual Franchisee.
The home base practice figures are, we feel, the maximum that can be achieved using your home as an office.
The office based practice would be necessary for those who wish to take their practice to the next level of profitability.
The office based example shown would be achievable within three years and turnover could be increased further with additional staff.
14. Agreement

Brief outline of the contents:

1. Definitions

2. Grant of the Franchise

3. Duration of the agreement

4. What the Franchisor must do during the term of the agreement

5. What the Franchisee must do

6. Option to renew

7. Payment of fees

8. Intellectual property

9. Records & Accounts

10. Equipment & products

11. Control of standards

12. Training

13. Insurance

14. Improvements

15. Force Majeure

16. Sale of business

17. Death, incapacity or insanity of the Franchisee

18. Franchisee's employees

19. Incorporation

20. Termination of the agreement

21. Rights and obligations of the Franchisor and Franchisee following termination

22. Restrictions following termination

23. Consequences of termination

24. Partnership and Agency

25. Waiver

26. Overriding provisions

27. Notices

28. Headings

29. Severance

30. Law

31. Set off

32. Restrictive Trade Practices Act

15. Summary of Start-up Costs Bookkeeping Package Full Accountants Package Qualified Accountants Package Qualified Self Study Package
Marketing Campaign - Launch Marketing campaign, and lead generation 15 local business leads 20 local business leads 20 local business leads Optional Extra
IT Equipment ¬ This includes a laptop with Microsoft office Optional Extra

Optional Extra Optional Extra
Professional Accounting and Taxation software & tuition VT Book-keeping, VAT and Payroll software

Relevant training study packs and tax guide

Initial support covering Helplines for additional assistance in the initial period of trading.

Initial stationery, complete inventory, personalised to you as Franchisee, including professional Brochures, Letterheads, Compliment Slips and Business Cards.

Franchise Licence Fee giving entitlement to practice using the Certax Accounting /Book-keeping Trade Mark.

Training programme and initial support provided by professionally qualified accountants and other relevant specialists. The course is conducted in a working practice environment, complete with live case examples and all course material (including operations manuals).


Optional - additional cost

Marketing material ­ including professionally worded Editorials for newspaper articles as well as Advertising templates pre-worded with logo.

Total before VAT (Reclaimable)  £9,995  £19,750  £9,750  £3,995
+ Working Capital
There will be a management service fee to cover support and periodic seminars, in accordance with schedule 9 of the Franchise Agreement, which states:
On first £100,000 of GRF 8.5% 8.5% 8.5% 8.5%
On next £100,000 of GRF 6% 6% 6% 6%
On GRF over £200,000 Nil Nil Nil Nil
Minimum monthly management Service fee
(Payable 3 months after cessation of course)
£195 £225 £225 £225

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16. Raising Finance

Certax Accounting have arrangements in place with all the leading UK Banks that would enable you to raise finance for the initial franchise fee investment.

We will help you to present your case to the banks including the preparation of a business plan and cash flow projections.

17. Making The Decision

Why choose this Franchise:

a) Supported by Chartered Accountants.

This is currently the only established Accountancy Franchise which is supported by the owners existing Accountancy Practice. (Bradshaw Doody and Co.)

The Practice was started by Keith Bradshaw in July 1989 and now has over 500 clients. The importance of this arrangement means that franchisees benefit from the experience of Qualified Practising Accountants who not only educate the franchisees in the theory of tax and accountancy but also in the day to day practicalities of how to apply this theory in the real world.

b) Commercial Angle on how to make the Practice Profitable.

Another important effect of being associated with our own Accountancy Practice is that we are able to show you not only how to provide the services, but also how to provide the service in a commercially profitable and professional manner.

c) Constant Technical update.

We will ensure that your are kept up to date with all and any changes in legislation affecting the operation of your practice. This will be achieved by running seminars twice yearly where we invite outside specialist speakers to update us on topical issues occurring at the time. You will also receive newsletters periodically and updated software in relation to accountancy and tax.

d) Added security of being ICAEW and ACCA members.

Prospective franchisees have the reassurance that we as the Franchisor have not only satisfied the requirements for full membership of the BFA but also as individuals are members of The Institute of Chartered Accountants and the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and as such have an obligation to ensure all our business affairs are conducted in a trustworthy and professional manner.

f) Financial Services.

Our financial services department will enable you to offer the full range of financial services and products to your clients in a similar way to those offered by many established high street practices.

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18. Questionnaire

Please click here to complete the questionnaire

19. Testimonials

The Accountancy and Tax Advisory Franchise That Embodies Quality and Professionalism.

"The standard of the training course has been borne out by the results that I have managed to achieve since starting. The Telesales Marketing got me off to a really good start and I was completing work 2 weeks after my launch. This gave me added confidence which resulted in signing up 7 clients within my first 6 weeks. I am delighted with the results which have exceeded both my expectations and my business plan."

Michael O’Brien - Derby

"I have been a Certax Accounting Franchisee for just over nine years and my results during this time have exceeded all my expectations in terms of turnover, client numbers and profitability. Although the training course is very comprehensive I could not have achieved these results without the Certax Technical Support line. Because of this I was able to deal with virtually any kind of business client, small, large, limited company or non-limited company and all their corresponding tax issues and at the end of the day build a profitable practice for myself."

Sharon Neal - Wakefield

"With accountancy experience and a burning ambition to be my own boss and operate a business that fitted in with my lifestyle, the decision to invest in accountancy and taxation franchise Certax Accountants was relatively easy. The Certax opportunity caught my eye in The Franchise Magazine because it offered a comprehensive marketing programme that would help me to communicate effectively the wealth of expertise and high standards that Certax Accountants can offer to their clients. After further online research, I visited Head Office and was impressed with the company's professionalism and took it from there. As part of the franchise package Certax put me through a five-week training programme, which I have found very useful because it acted as a refresher course on limited companies and filled the gaps in my tax and accounts knowledge for partnership and sole trader businesses. Ongoing training is also available at the bi-annual seminars. At these events topics discussed include the new tax legislation. In terms of support the company has helped me target clients by doing telephone introductions on my behalf and the Head Office team are always on the other end of the phone if technical help is required"

Vincenzo Rubino - Cornwall

"I wanted a change of pace and so moved from London to Suffolk, where I considered retiring. However, I soon found myself wanting a new challenge. Franchising came to mind and, because my business background lay in finance, I wanted to find something in this industry. Through having a look at what opportunities were out there I found Certax Accounting and liked what they were offering. I had an interview with Certax's founder Keith Bradshaw and the business appealed further - I liked the people, I liked the work, I liked the franchise package. I found the five-week training course very helpful. It let you get to grips with the business and was accommodating to the extent that someone without much finance experience could pick it up too. When I launched the business six years ago, Certax helped find my initial customers and through advertising and marketing I've continued to grow the business. One thing that surprised me was the amount of business that I've generated through customer referrals alone.

A Certax franchise has the potential to be developed to a size that you want - be that a one-man band or a multi-unit business with a number of employees. The work is enjoyable and success is achievable if you're prepared to put the work in."

Richard Hexton - Suffolk

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20. Bank Contacts

To assist franchisees with any financial requirements they may have we would recommend the banks who have already assisted a number of our existing franchisees:

Franchise Unit,
12 Calthorpe Road,
Birmingham, B15 1QZ
Ken Braddock
Tel: 0121 455 3438
Lloyds TSB plc
Franchise Unit,
2nd Floor, Northgate House,
Cardiff, CF10 4LD
Mr. Richard Holden
Tel: 02920 355971
Natwest Franchise Section,
Level 2, 2 Waterhouse Square,
138-142 Holborn,
London, EC1N 2TH
Mr Mark Scott
Tel: 0800 092 9117
The Royal Bank of Scotland plc
RBS Franchise Section,
Level 2, 2 Waterhouse Square,
138-142 Holborn,
London, EC1N 2TH
Denise Aitchison
Tel: 0800 092 9117

Business support finance is available from our banking partners above.

Please note that information regarding our own financial position can be acquired from Companies House in the form of our Financial Accounts.

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21. Bradshaw Doody and Co. Chartered Certified Accountants

Bradshaw Doody and Co. is the founders highly successful Chartered Certified Accountancy Practice that was established in 1989

The experienced and qualified staff of the practice are involved with the technical support and training within the Franchise, which ensures that the Franchisee's receive the benefit of their vast practical experience.

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Presentation dates

Fill in the application form to attend a presentation and a member of staff will contact you to make arrangements