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Bank Finance

Certax Accounting upholds 'Category A' status with a number of the leading banking groups, each of whom maintains specific franchise departments, and have developed long standing relationships with ourselves.

Our sought after status demonstrates the confidence and understanding each of the individual banks preserve with both current and prospective franchisees.

Upon successful application, the banks will often lend as much as 70% of your required total investment. In addition to the initial capital, out negotiated facilities specifically include:

  • Very competitive rates (both fixed and variable)
  • Overdraft facilities
  • Business Charge Cards

Having successfully assisted a large number of our franchisees secure bank finance, our team are qualified in guiding prospective franchisees in how to successfully apply for your own finance, based on your own forecasts and expectations.

For further information or funding assistance please call 0800 0283 018


Ken Braddock
Senior Franchise Manager
Tel: 07836 762349
Email: ken.braddock@hsbc.com


Colin Chadwick
Director, Franchise Development
Tel :07789 033296
Email: colin.chadwick@rbs.co.uk

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