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Dedicated Marketing

The Certax Franchise has its very own Marketing department, headed by experienced Sales & Marketing Consultants, alongside a dedicated team of telemarketers, all working together with yourselves to help build your own successful Certax Practice.

Our intensive initial marketing campaign can be an invaluable means of increasing your practice turnover and is available for repeat campaigns, at your own discretion. 

Lead Generation

Our lead generation department concentrates on attracting new business clients to your practice. The team contact prospective businesses in your area and will arrange a prescribed number of appointments on your behalf, assisting in not only the process of booking engagements but more importantly, converting.

Despite the high number of dissatisfied clients in today's business world, without being offered a viable alternative to their current Accountant, many businesses remain dissatisfied.  Our marketing system involves an inbound (warm lead) internet marketing system involving your own 'landing page', social media platforms alongside a Google AdWords campaign, as well as the involvement of our call centre team giving your local business community this alternative in a professional and effective way.  Appointments arranged, therefore, are with prospective clients with good reason to use your services which is why most franchisees will convert between 50/75% of prospects into CLIENTS.

In addition to the lead generation activity we will also research a number of networking organisations in your area and arrange your membership of these if requested. As a Certax Accountant your attendance at networking events will not only build upon your reputation in the local area, but in time promote your presence as a leading advisor people look towards for valued guidance.

The lead generation, along with the networking activity and search engine optimisation therefore, makes the entire Certax Marketing package a most powerful and effective tool.

Presentation dates

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